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Hi everyone welcome to my Just About Football website. Football/Soccer have been my passion ever since I was 5 years old and over the years I learned so much about different aspects in football and I want to share that with you.

I learned so much about products, tehniques and training that can make you better player overall.

My Football Story

I fell in love with football on first sight and 17 years later it’s still the same. I watched my first football game when I was 5 and at that moment I knew that is something I want to do for the rest of my life. The next day my father took me to the training and my journey began.

When you are just a kid you want to play a game no matter what so I spent hours on the field enjoying the game with my friends.

As I was getting older I realised I have to learn how to shoot, pass and dribble better. So I watched so many videos and read so many articles and books trying to get better.

When I was 17 I have torn my ligaments and at that moment my whole world collapsed. I realised that I can never play as good as before the injury and then I started my reading about coaching and tactics.

Injury that changed my life

I play occasionaly with my friends but nothing serious anymore. Nowadays I read a lot about tactics, teams and managers.

World greatest game

This is the greatest era of football, but it’s also very fast game at the moment and If you want to play at the highest level you have to work hard to learn some tehniques and use the best gear to become best player you could possibly be.

Go after your goals

At this website you will find different topics that might be interesting to you. Starting with tehniques, soccer gear, product reviews and books you should read to become better player or coach. Also you will find information about managers, players and teams. So this site is for everyone who wants to learn something about football.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Founder of Just About Football

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